5 Tips to Deliver Remarkable Customer Service

  • 22nd June 2015

5 Tips to Deliver Remarkable Customer Service

Customer service is the point where customer expectations, meet reality while remarkable customer service is when reality exceeds customer expectations.

So how do you exceed customer expectation? (No, setting low expectations is not it…)

Culture – Customer Serviceis not just a department; it’s a culture. Most of your employees will never see or speak with a customer, implement an internal customer-provider policy, this will make your organization to “speak” service.

Be loose – When speaking with customer support representatives or listening to IVR (Interactive Video Recording) we usually hear the same boring scripts and templates; “Your call is important to us… one of our representatives will be with you shortly” be loose, communicate as a human being and not a machine. Examples? Eliminate call scripts! Don’t pass the customer to another department before another representative picked up or call your customer by name.

Surprise Them – Do the unexpected, once a week call a random customer (not a manager) and ask him whether he satisfied with your service and solution. What can you do for him? Very fast, you will build a relationship with your customers from the bottom up. Or make small gestures to your quiet customers.

From Customer Representatives to Trusted Advisors – Show your customers that you have their best interests at heart, and you will deal with them with candor – always being honest about what you can and cannot do.

Reshuffle your customer experience – it’s sad, but customers do not see the internal amount of effort that is being invested in your business, so simply put yourself or someone you trust in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself if that is the experience you would like your customers to have. In other words – view the customer experience from the outside in