The Best 15 Free Apps For a New Salesforce Implementation

  • 13th March 2017

Sales Apps –

1. Sales KPI Dashboard - This Dashboard contains graphs to help you determine the efficiency of your operational business. The different components aggregate relevant sales key performance figures and help Sales Managers to take corrective actions where appropriate  -

2. Pipeline Optimizer - Opportunity Assessment - Accelerate opportunities using a visual aid and coaching tool. Using a structured, repeatable pipeline management methodology, the application provides visibility into the status of opportunities and guided assistance through steps of the sales process -

3. Scan Business Cards – Scan business cards with your mobile device and quickly upload to process as a Contact or Lead. Install the Salesforce App, and then install your Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play -

4. Address Verification –Uses Address Cleansing to verify addresses within Salesforce CRM and systems. Click, and all addresses on the current record are verified, geocoded and cleansed. Works with standard objects. (U.S. Addresses only  -

5. Map Your Customers – easily visualize your customers across the world in just one click -

Customer Service Apps –

6.Service and Support Reports and Dashboards – The lifeblood of every call/contact center is the metrics that are used to measure performance. Different call centers rely on different metrics but they all agree it is important that reports and dashboards are configured to monitor performance -

7.Time Tracking - Tracking time spent on cases automatically. Whether that’s something they want to capture for internal KPI calculations, and any training gaps or whether they want to bill based on time spent -

8.Case Age in Business Hours – Case Age In Business Hours enables reporting on the time that a case has spent with support, the time it's spent awaiting the customer, and its total age in business hours -

9.Take case ownership in one click – This free widget reduces the number of clicks from 5 down to 1 by adding a custom button to the Case Page Layout -

10.Case History – This application displays activities, comments, and status changes (Case History) on one page in chronological order -

Enhance Salesforce Usability Apps –

11. Free Project Management – Milestone PM+ - Track Program, Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Time Grid, and Risks/Issues. Expenses can also be tracked  -

12. Pop up Alerts – Do your employees ever need to be alerted to something very important about a customer? Popup Alerts gives you the ability to easily display that crucial popup alert message on Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Cases -

13. Generate Documents from Salesforce – Automate document creation and delivery in minutes for FREE! The ONLY on-platform solution. NO client downloads. Easily create: Quotes, Invoices, Proposals, Statements, Account Summaries, Contracts and more -

14. Mass Update Records – Mass Edit + Mass Update + Mass Delete Various Entities. e.g. leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities -

15. For Your SFDC Admin – Report on everything in SFDC – Octopus allows you to document all the items in your Salesforce instance. Get information about apex classes, pages, workflows, triggers, objects, fields and much more in a single place. You can also download it as a PDF/Word file for future reference -