Top 10 Salesforce Lightning Benefits

  • 1st December 2017

In this blog post, we will review the top 10 benefits of using Salesforce Lightning -

1.  Design for ease of use - The new interface is modern, efficient and smart. All Salesforce users have a consistent experience across every device – desktop, tablet, and mobile. Relevant information is surfaced on each screen, streamlining processes and making workflows more intuitive. The new interface will delight users because of two key improvements. First, the cool stuff from the mobile experience is now available to desktop users in the collapsible navigation. Second, the Note’s “autosave” functionality and the rich-text capabilities are here to ensure a better experience.

2.  The homepage is customizable – Salesforce Lightning allows the homepage to be whatever is needed for the user. You can see the overdue tasks and leads that have been assigned plus opportunities in sales fields that potentially have a problem. The new homepage can be customized to display the information you need the most, helping you be more efficient.

3.  Views are smarter – Out-of-the-box views feature smarter analytics. It remembers which views are most commonly accessed by each user and helps them focus on what is more important. That means, information is displayed more dynamically and more visually than ever before.

4. Dashboards allow more columns and better dynamic use – Dashboards are no longer restricted to three columns! The components on dashboards are now animated which allows more data-driven decisions at a glance. Users can view open and closed sales amounts, as well as see their deals closed by date.

5. New Sales process UI/UX – Redesigned sales-process-based Opportunity Workspace, means no scrolling and the right info at each step in the process, all on one screen.

6. Opportunity Kanban Board - The ultimate sales pipeline overview.

7 Gmail Rich Email direct in Salesforce  - Relate emails to Salesforce records while composing the emails, relate an email to all relevant contacts, leads, and users with a single click. Related emails maintain their rich HTML formatting, so emails have the same look and feel in Salesforce as they did in Gmail.

8.  Interactive Reporting - Users can show or hide a chart a report chart, Add/remove/change report filters. After applying a filter, the report automatically refreshes to display filtered data. Users no longer have to open the report builder to filter a report.

9.  Rich Chatter Conversations, with video, live feed, rich text and more   - Comments are showing in Real-time!, muting a feed post from its detail view, play videos inline in feeds and more!

10.  Better Search and Navigation - Read this Article

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