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Enhancing Salesforce &’s power


We provide you with the best and the most cost-effective implementation solution which is tailored to your needs so your company can exceed its goals and objectives


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we provide development services. We love to see how businesses improve their efficiency and productivity

Sys Admin

We keep your platform running smoothly, from the small things to the big things; routine administrative tasks through pro-active and automating processes


We know the inside of and help businesses improve their efficiency, allow them to be proactive and usee all capabilities in for their needs

You’ve made the decision to become a Salesforce customer, but how do you get started? Wiserspread takes the stress out of the implementation process, so you can relax. Our proven approach ensures success to your business avoids the common pitfalls of failed implementations.

Our approach includes the following:

  • Get to know your business by getting the right players on the team
  • Utilize industry best practices on getting most from your Salesforce investment
  • Define/gather configuration requirements
  • Understand your data – what are the relationships and where does the information reside
  • Assess business processes and determine cloud migration strategy
  • Architect simple, elegant solutions that lay a foundation for future growth
  • Configure with the User in mind – make information easy to find, add, and send – with less clicks
  • Use native functionality wherever possible
  • Create Analytics (Reports and Dashboards) that provide insight and action – whether a daily pulse or seasonal trends
  • Provide training and consult on user adoption

Wiserspread’s proven implementation process consists of the following high level steps:

  • Kickoff – Establish the Project Team and review the implementation process. Ensures we have executive sponsorship in place for decision-making, as well as the right functional representation in the room to provide solid system requirements.
  • Discovery Sessions – We establish a series discovery and configuration review meetings. The objective is to understand the client’s business processes and requirements so that they may be incorporated as system functionality in
  • Configuration – Configure Salesforce to meet client’s needs based on outcome of discover sessions.
  • Data Import – Cleanse legacy data an import into
  • Analytics - Create starter set of reports and dashboards to track key business metrics (defined in discovery session)
  • Training – If included in project scope, we’ll develop training and show users how to search and navigate within Salesforce and convey best practices for entering and maintaining records.
  • Go Live – Cutover to using Salesforce.

Wiserspread will perform a thorough analysis of your needs and architect a custom solution nsuring the best use of native Salesforce functionality, custom objects and fields, workflows, triggers, Apex code and Visualforce pages.

We can help you architect a robust solution that will provide the most value from your investment while ensuring that the goals of your business are met.

Wiserspread takes the time to understand your business and your needs to ensure that we define a practical, affordable solution before development work begins. We use “clicks, not code” where it makes sense. We write high-quality, tested code and integrate any code we write with existing code in your org. Our focus is on developing solutions that provide our clients a high ROI.

We are experienced Apex and Visualforce developers offering the following:

  • Custom Customer and Partner Portal User Interfaces – Using Apex, Visualforce and modern web technologies.
  • Custom Applications - We create custom database-driven applications from scratch to help you accomplish more.

You’ve implemented Salesforce, but how will you keep it optimized to meet the needs of your business? Finding great Salesforce talent can be time consuming and you have a business to run.

Wiserspread’s experienced Salesforce administrators will proactively look for system modifications that can enhance your experience. Whether it is custom workflow rules, automation of manual processes, dashboards and reporting….we’ll find ways to make the system do MORE for you, so you can spend more time on closing sales!

The biggest factor in ensuring user adoption and getting the absolute most out of your Salesforce investment in post implementation is who your salesforce admin is.

Don’t leave such an important role to chance, choose Wiserspread to administer and protect your investment. We will ensure that your instance is fine-tuned using industry best practices.

We offer the following support services:

  • Release readiness – make sure your instance is ready for Salesforce releases and that your company fully understands any new features that can offer benefits.
  • Data review/cleansing – Clean data is imperative for reporting accuracy.
  • Report/dashboard buildouts
  • User training and adoption coaching

Many businesses take the fast approach to Salesforce implementation using limited customizations to get up and running quickly. This is actually a great approach as many businesses don’t quite know exactly how Salesforce will work for them.

However, after initial implementation, may companies find themselves asking “What’s Next”? How can we take this to the next level and improve efficiency.

That’s where Wiserspread excels. We will work with your business to understand what you are trying to achieve and define a detailed, proven process for getting you there!

Wiserspread will help you to extract untapped value from your CRM. Some key areas we focus on are:

  • Usability: Is the system easy to use.? Can enhancements be made to make your team more efficient?
  • Process Streamlining: Review existing business processes and identify opportunities to gain efficiency
  • Reporting: Make sure you are leveraging’s dashboards and reports to maximum effect.
  • Security: Review your security setup and make recommendations to protect your data
  • Data Quality: Develop a strategy to reduce duplicates and poor data quality
  • Configurations: We review existing customizations and make recommendations for streamlining.

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